(Soprano, Founder & Producer of Cabaret Cadenza & DivaLicious)

Fiona was born to perform! A veteran “show off” from the age of a toddler to teetering in heels in her twenties and beyond, Fiona has always revelled in dramatic antics on stage and off.

From her National Youth Theatre days in the UK to her latest roles as the vengeful Queen of the Night in Mozart’s "The Magic Flute", or Violetta in Verdi's "La Traviata", Fiona has a long list of operatic roles to rival her Divalicious partner in crime, Miss Penny Shaw!

Being a true blonde however, Fiona thought to dispel any myths (whether true of false) of her “blonde” tendencies by proving her intellect by obtaining a First Class (BA) Honours in Music, Theatre Studies & English Literature. Thinking she was on a real role (excuse the pun), she then gained a Masters in Public Relations; and a Postgraduate Diploma of Vocal Studies (London).

Now she could get a “proper job”, pay a mortgage, and sing for her supper in her first professional London engagement as Lady Jane Seymour in the Beefeater Show by the Tower of London. This of course, was whilst she was organising Lobby Lunches at the House of Commons for her PR job in the city.

One might have thought that Fiona and Penny, being English Roses and true divas from the Mother Country, would have met. In fact, they almost did when Penny was singing Carlotta, the opera singer in Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber’s production of The Phantom of the Opera, and Fiona was working in her most glamorous PR role as his PR Manager for the Really Useful Group down the road in Covent Garden.

But funnily enough, it was singing with West Australian Opera when they met. Over the years, both viewed each other with predatory suspicion; both wondering, modestly, if Perth had room for two beautiful, ambitious, talented coloratura sopranos?

Fiona found Penny's enthusiasm for having children (four!), slightly indecent, and Penny found Fiona's blonde hair a confusing and well...tasteless contrast to her cut-throat business and marketing sense. In the meantime, Fiona answered the hormonal call of mother nature and Australia’s need for more young Australians by procreating two gorgeous Divalicious devotees with her Australian husband, renowned landscape photographer Richard Smyth.

One fateful day, whilst performing with the WA Opera chorus and pining away for the lead role, Fiona and Penny discovered they shared the same bizarre sense of humour. Common ground was found and a mutual collaboration was the only way forward.

After all, they had already saturated the Perth market with a good run of shows from their separate production companies with Penny’s Daisy Productions and Fiona’s Cabaret Cadenza. Could Perth take anymore of their creative antics – let alone their fabulous, unutilised and undiscovered voices, oh and er, beauty?

After many glasses of champagne, a number of spectacular hissy fits and some patient refereeing by Perth's Lord High Pianist, David Wickham, DivaLicious was brought screaming and kicking into the world!

In the meantime, Fiona is having a Divalicious ball performing with Penny as they try to out do each other with their voices, wit and charm whilst conjuring up new shows for you – our Divalicious audience.

Visit: for more serious details of this not so serious diva!


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